Billing Inquiries

We understand there’s nothing more frustrating than a complicated medical bill. University of Colorado Medicine (CU Medicine) has answers to the most commonly asked billing questions. If you need additional information or assistance, our Patient Services team is available to answer any questions you may have about your bill. To reach a Patient Services team member from our Billing Department, email our billing team or call our billing specialists at 303-493-7700.


Q. How do I pay my bill?

A. Our online patient payment portal is a safe, secure and a fast way to pay your bill or see your account balance. You may also call our Patient Services team at 303-493-7700.

Online Bill Pay


Q: Why did I receive two bills when visiting a doctor at University of Colorado Hospital or Children’s Hospital Colorado?

A. It is common practice among hospitals and health systems to utilize a split billing procedure for visits, consultations and procedures. The bills are not for the same aspects of the visit, though they reflect the same date of service. CU Medicine bills for the provider you saw on the day of the visit. Our hospital partners bill for the use of the facility, nursing and administrative staff, and any equipment/supplies used during the visit. Click here for more information on CU Medicine and our affiliate clinical partners.


Q: My insurance plan told me this was a covered benefit. Why did I get a bill?

A. Most insurance plans include patient cost share benefits, such as copays and deductibles. In many cases, your insurance company does not pay 100% of the cost of covered benefits. A portion of your bill may still be allocated to you.  It's important to understand the benefits of your health insurance plan. You can contact your insurance plan by calling their Member Services phone number, typically found on the back of your insurance card.


Q: What can I do next time to better anticipate how much medical services will cost?

A: Call our patient estimate line at 303-493-7061. You will need the CPT® (Current Procedural Terminology) code from the provider. A primary diagnosis code is also helpful. We will also ask for your insurance information, and provide an estimate based upon those pieces of information


Q. Is my health insurance plan accepted at CU Medicine?

A. We accept a wide variety of insurance plans. To view a list of insurance plans CU Medicine accepts, visit our Accepted Insurance web page to easily search accepted health plan options.


Q. How does CU Medicine work with my insurance plan to determine what amount I’m responsible for paying?

A. After your visit to a CU Medicine clinic or to a CU Medicine provider, the charges for those services are generated on a claim form and sent to your insurance company. Your insurance then tells CU Medicine if you are responsible for a portion of the provided services.

Your insurance will usually identify any patient responsibility by checking the following items per your benefit plan:

  • Deductible: The amount a patient owes for covered healthcare services before their insurance company begins to share the costs.
  • Coinsurance: The amount a patient must pay for covered healthcare services after they have satisfied the deductible required by their health insurance plan.


Q. Why is my out-of-pocket expense higher than I expect it to be?

A. The out-of-pocket expense (or patient responsibility) is determined by your insurance based on your health plan benefits. It is recommended that you contact the benefits office for your health plan and ask the following questions:

  1. What is my share of costs if I receive care in this clinic?
  2. What is my share for labs or x-rays in this hospital-based setting?
  3. If the provider requests a referral to a specialist, what are the procedures? What is my share of costs for a referred visit?


Q. If I do not have health insurance coverage and must pay the total bill myself, am I eligible for a discount?

A. CU Medicine offers a self-pay discount if no third-party health insurance coverage is available. Email our billing team or call our Patient Services team at 303-493-7700 to discuss self-pay options.


Q. If I am unable to pay my bill in one payment, can I make monthly payments?

A. Yes, CU Medicine will make payment arrangements with no monthly interest. Email our billing team or call our Patient Services team at 303-493-7700 to discuss payment options.


Q. Can I email questions related to billing issues?

A. Yes, we welcome email billing inquiries. Please email your questions to our billing team at billingquestions@cumedicine.us. Please note that sending protected personal or health information within an email may not be secure.


Q. What are my rights against surprise out-of-network medical bills?

A. In 2019, Colorado passed a law protecting consumers on state-regulated insurance plans from receiving surprise bills when unknowingly seen by an out-of-network provider. To learn more about out-of-network billing protections , click here.