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Letter from the Chief Operating Officer

Welcome to CU Medicine. We are an organization committed to providing business operations and administrative support and services for over 3,500 healthcare providers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. CU Medicine ranks among the top 10 of academic institutions providing service in the healthcare industry. Our success rests firmly on the concept of service. Every individual employee and business unit is dedicated to providing service to our healthcare providers. Our dedication to service mirrors the commitment of our healthcare providers to improve the health of people in the State of Colorado and the surrounding area.

To accomplish our service goals, we rely on our greatest resource: our people. Within CU Medicine we focus on employee satisfaction and well-being, acknowledging that individual health and personal job satisfaction are cornerstones for our service-related industry. Since healthcare is always evolving, CU Medicine relies heavily on individuals who provide bright ideas that can significantly impact our business performance and drive innovation. We strive to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment to help our employees reach their fullest potential. A strong program of internal promotions is just one of the many ways we recognize and reward employee hard work, resourcefulness, and creativity.

People choose to work in healthcare because the work is worthwhile and provides a sense of purpose. At CU Medicine we know we are succeeding when patients treated by our healthcare providers feel confident about their care, when physicians enjoy practicing medicine with our support, and when employees are proud to be a part of our organization.

I welcome you to join the CU Medicine team, and feel the joy of making a difference!

Thank you,

- Gail Albertson, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer